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Does Prednisolone Make You Put On Weight

Bill is correct it isnt a given that youll gain weight. Hi Natalie There is no question that you will gain weight when on prednisone regardless of exercise and eating healthy however you will gain less and more slowly that way.

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1 Yes to all – it depends.

Does prednisolone make you put on weight. Prednisone causes the body to hold on to sodium salt and lose potassium. If you are down to 13mg after 2 years with GCA you are doing not too badly if you had flares. Do be aware of the fact that long term use of Prednisolone eye drop may lead to glaucoma cataractsand even more seriously herpes simplex infection of the eye leading to blindnessBe sure that you are not using it for more than a few days without your eye doctors supervision.

I have a friend who has had the exact same experience. Steroids are usually in the same vein as pain killers. Prednisone eye drops Iam on these eye drops and iam having that proublem weight gain so iguest it makes you gain weight By Betty from Louisiana on March 23 2018 Reply.

Although I discovered that Prednisone complicates control of blood glucose levels I also discovered that with care weight gain can be controlled while on Prednisone. Pred can make you retain fluid fluid weighs. Surprisingly in the first few weeks its possible to lose weight because prednisone causes lipolysis a breakdown of fat cells at first.

Prednisone is known for causing water retention and for causing weight gain in long-term users. Prednisone does make a lot of us crave those empty comforting calorie-laden items with sugar and white flourDONT DO IT. Side effects of prednisone are more likely if your dose is high or your treatment is long-term.

Ive got to 7mg for the first time in 4 years even though I only have PMR but last year was horrendous and I put on a lot of pred weight after being put on medrol instead of ordinary prednisolone. I hope you are still caring for. If you have an inflammatory condition that may restrict movement this can mean you are inactive for a period of time resulting in added weight gain.

I dont like prednisone either but I did take a course once 6 days. The water retention can cause a symptom frequently referred to as moon face which is a unique way many peoples face will puff out into a more circular sort of look if you Google Image search for prednisone moon face you will be able to see a lot of examples. As you eat more over time you gain more weight.

Fluid retention that leads to weight gain. For the other daughter and my granddaughter they eat and eat. It also didnt make me feel hungry so YMMV.

However prednisone does change your metabolism and so does becoming less active if you were formerly active. Prednisone causes an increase in appetite. If your dose of prednisone is low and for a short period of time it is unlikely you will experience any weight gain.

According to a study published in January 2020 in the journal Lung participants taking prednisone reported increased appetite resulting in weight. Generally the higher the dose of the steroid and the longer youre on it the more likely you are to encounter weight gain. Prednisone can change your appetite and make you more prone to snacking or overeating but it can also cause bloating and constipation.

There are some silly answers though. There are several reasons that prednisone can lead to weight gain. I didnt gain with it.

Any way OP as long as you log correctly and eat within your goals youll be fine. 2 20mg a day isnt a lot of weight to put on. So far as I know weight loss on low dose Prednisone has not been reported in the literature.

Some people do put weight on when using prednisolone it does not seem to affect everyone though so it is hard to try and give you an answer to suit you personally. Pred can also make you feel very hungry – but not necessarily. The longer time you take prednisone the more likely you are to gain weight.

For both me and my daughter it puts us off food. Hi Mousemum and welcome. Prednisone is a steroid medication commonly prescribed to reduce inflammation in the body.

Prednisone can cause lots of unpleasant side effects that can contribute to weight gain. Short courses of a few days to a couple of weeks dont usually. 3 This combination can result in fluid retention weight gain and bloating.

Not easy but not impossible. Initial success helped me to unlearn my beliefs. If you need the relief then take them if not then dont sweat it.

That itself can make a big difference in our overall comfort and mental health. Talking to your doctor about these side effects can help you. 1 yes youll lose weight if you dont eat anything.

Also your body retains more fluid while taking Prednisone causing you to experience water retention and swelling. Taking Prednisone can contribute to weight gain. While Prednisone can be helpful in treating your symptoms it also can have an unwanted side effect.

The dose is usually too small to affect your metabolism. Later prednisone causes the opposite effect and makes fat cells enlarge.

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